South Carolinians overwhelmingly support President Donald Trump


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U.S. President Donald Trump has the overwhelming support of South Carolina’s voters.

According to the latest survey data from the Atlanta-based Trafalgar Group, Trump has a job approval rating of 53.36 of South Carolina’s voters. The percent that strongly approves of Trump’s  performance in office is 26.26 percent. The percentage that disapproves is 42.25.  A total of 4.3 percent  had “no opinion” regarding Trump.  The gap of approval over disapproval is more than 11 percent. The poll is in line with Trump’s margin of victory in the Nov. 8, 2016 Election. Trump won 54.9 percent to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s 40.7 percent. The presidential election had a handful of protest, and anti-Trump, candidates.

The appreciation of Trump does not bode well for members of the Democrat Party, who are basing their party’s fortunes on the idea that the electorate hates Trump as much as they, and the Establishment media, dislike him.

Adding to the bleak outlook for Democrats is the fact that Trafalgar’s poll was almost the only survey in the country to correctly call Trump’s win over the well-funded, and highly favored  Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.  Trafalgar data, unlike establishment polls that discount Republicans, has been spot on.

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